Strange Seas that amaze us World Wide

Strange Seas: The seas are generally blue, the sea water is salty, clear, and the sandy shores are pale blonde. But some of the seas in this world are different, different in appearance and amazing. Let’s learn about bizarre seas like this.
Glowing Sea
Glowing Sea The glowing beach of Naphtuluca Cinderella in the Maldives offers a beautiful view of how beautiful the starry sky can be at night. Here is a spectacular view of the beach glowing blue like a twinkling star in the night sky. The reason for this beautiful phenomenon is the millions of phytoplankton in the ocean.

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Usually these creatures are invisible. But when it is disturbed by ocean waves and touches, it glows a beautiful blue. This amazing event attracts a lot of tourists.
Thanks to a natural chemical process called bioluminescence that allows biologists to create light in their bodies, the oceans glow and shine like stars in the sky. Bioluminescent ocean glows when disturbed by a wave break or splashing in the water at night.
Dead Sea
Dead Sea The Dead Sea is a salt lake on the Israeli border between Jordan on the east and on the west and west coasts. It is located in the Jordan Rift Valley and its main tributary is the Jordan River. Its surface and shores are 430.5 meters below sea level, making it the lowest point on Earth.
The salinity of this ocean is 8.6 times higher than that of the other oceans. So this seawater has a density of 11/4 kilograms per liter so that humans and other creatures can float normally in this ocean. Due to the salinity of the sea, the number of fish and other marine life is very low. The researchers also found high levels of medicinal minerals in the water.
Hot Water Beach
Hot Water Beach Hotwater Beach is a beach on the east coast of the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand south of Mercury Bay. It is about 12 kilometers southeast of Witanga and about 175 kilometers from Auckland.
Most of us like to bathe in warm water in winter. More than 7 lakh people from different parts of the world come here to bathe in this warm water. Just dig a small beach here. The groundwater hot spring reaches the surface with a pleasant temperature through the sea soil. One such beautiful beach is Hot Water Beach in Venezuela, New Zealand. What if such warm water was naturally available.

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Hidden Beach
 Hidden Beach Playa del Amore, commonly known as the Hidden Beach, is a feature of one of the Marietta Islands, located 22 nautical miles west of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, at the mouth of the Gulf of Banderas. Is an American independent record label that specializes in contemporary jazz genres. Hidden Beach was created in 1998 by Steven McGeever. The label holds a distribution contract with Universal Music Group.
It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This beach did not form naturally. There is a bad event behind this creation. It has become one of the most beautiful beaches in the region due to the huge canyon created by the nuclear test conducted by the Mexican government. The Mexican government has banned fishing and hunting on the island, which is currently endangered by tourist arrivals.

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