Rosie Jones Condemns ‘Blatant Ableism’ Following Royal Variety Performance

Rosie Jones, 33, calls out instances of ‘blatant ableism’ after her performance at the Royal Variety event. Despite a positive reception, she highlights the need to address discriminatory comments received on social media following the show.

After the Royal Variety Performance, Rosie expresses gratitude for positive messages but addresses unsavory social media posts. She emphasizes the distinction between personal preference and blatant ableism. The event was graced by notable figures, including the Prince and Princess of Wales, Crown Princess Victoria, and Prince Daniel of Sweden.

After her Royal Variety Performance, Rosie humorously shares how she wrapped up a conversation with Prince William, breaking royal protocols by tapping his shoulder and saying, “Anyway, I’ll let you get on, and I’ll see you later.” The crew laughs in the background, and host Ranvir Singh reacts with surprise. Rosie jokingly dismisses the future king, stating, “I am a busy lady.” Despite this, she previously mentioned her family’s appreciation for a special message from the late Queen Elizabeth last year.

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