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Why Ford Motors leaving India? Is it because of the BJP?

Ford Motors, a US multinational automobile company headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, has two plants in India, one in Marimalai, South India and the other in Sanand, Gujarat. Has announced the closure of two existing factories in India.

Ford Motors

Today there is a huge trade shift and impact in the automobile industry worldwide. The automobile industry as a whole is changing on the basis of affordable car with electric vehicles on the one hand and excessive tech upgrades on the other.

Many leading automobile companies are suffering from the inability to cope with this change and the continued decline in the trading market and customers.

Ford is one such company that has been hit hard by trade. Ford India’s branch, which is facing a loss of about $2 billion, has announced the closure of two factories in India.

Tamil Nadu and Gujarat factory

Ford said on its Twitter account that it has decided to completely shut down car production at its plant in the Maraimalai Nagar area of Chennai in Tamil Nadu and at its factory in the Sanand area of Gujarat.

4000 workers affected

Ford’s decision will result in the complete loss of about 4,000 workers in both factories. This could put Ford employees at risk.

Ford Company Twitter post

In this regard, Ford is planning to restructure the Ford India business on its Twitter. We have decided to completely stop car production at 2 factories in Chennai and Sanand. We plan to reduce the number of cars produced at the Sunand factory for export by the 4th quarter of 2021.

Customer service

In India, Ford will continue to provide customer service, as well as spare parts and warranty support. And production will continue as long as stock is present.

Sales will continue

Ford plans to sell world-class cars and electric SUVs after selling existing vehicles.

Mustang coupe and Mustang Mac-E

Ford is set to offer its Ford Mustang coupe and Mustang Mac-E cars to customers in the near future due to the cessation of production in India. Ford India also said in a tweet that Ford customers would benefit from the $30 billion Ford management plans to invest in hybrid and electric vehicle production.

No electric car product

While Ford India has not made any announcement about the production of its electric vehicles in India in a tweet, it plans to gradually reduce production and sell both factories in India.

Indian market

But Ford has confirmed that it is not fully releasing from the Indian market by offering the Mustang coupe and Mustang Mac-E cars to customers.

Opportunity for many, including Tesla

Tesla, which plans to start production in India if the Ford plant is sold, will be a great opportunity for many leading Indian and foreign companies. Ford has now joined the ranks of General Motors, which has already ceased production and trading in India.

Is it because of the BJP?

No. The real reason is the stock market crash, the decline in car sales and the craze and time people have for electric cars. Any party will support a better multinational company. Rather they will not make way to leave the country. Many economists says, Now a days electric car business grow up big level in India. That’s the main reason for Ford Motors got loss in India.

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