Waves of bold, fun and child-friendly at Wild Water Park

Wild Wadi Water Park is an outdoor water park in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Located in the Jumeirah area next to the Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Hotel, the water park is operated by Dubai-based Jumeirah International.Wild Wadi has a heated / air-conditioned wave pool with multiple water slides and two artificial surf engines. In addition, the park had the largest waterfall outside of North America, but it was later removed to accommodate two rides. Another feature of the park is the 18 m (59 ft) waterfall, which exits every ten minutes. The water park has two gift shops, three restaurants and two snack bars.

Jhua’s Journey

Juha’s Journey is a 360 m (1,180 ft) long river that allows guests to relax and gently float around the park. Juha’s Tow and Lagoon has a children’s play area and more than 100 water sports / rides where children can enjoy themselves through the wealth.

Tantrum Alley

Ring rides are traditional downward slides. … Tantrum Ali is a slide with 3 tornadoes and 2 bowls of Burj Surge.


Rides, Wipeout and Riptide are surf simulators that expel more than seven tons of water per second through foam structures designed on a thin sheet. These rides create a realistic wave effect that allows riders to do body board, knee board or surf.

Ring Rides

Traditional Downhill splits. Riders can choose to sit in a single double ring.

Burj Surj

The brave Burj Surge has two large sections of downhill waterfalls and a looming ‘bowl’. Guests sit on a rubber ring and travel down the bowl, where they are wound into two spiral loops and then lowered into the slide, ending with a screaming splash in the pool.

This slide must be at least 1.1 meters high to allow guests.
A maximum of 5 people and a minimum of 2 people can enjoy this slide. The total combined weight should not exceed 365 kg (805 lb).

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