Waikiki, the most amazing beach center in the world !

Waikiki Beach is one of the six most popular beaches in the district, along with Queens Beach, Guhio Beach, Grace Beach, Fort Teresi Beach and Kahanamoku Beach. Waikiki Beach is almost entirely man-made.

It houses public spaces including Kapikolani Park, Fort Terrace, Kahanamoku Lagoon, Kohik Beach Park and Ala Hai Harbor.


In the 1800s the area was a retreat for Hawaiian royalties, who enjoyed surfing the early Longboards. A few small hotels opened in the 1880s. In 1893, Greco-American George Ligerus leased Alan Herbert’s guest house and renamed it “Sans Cici” (French for “no worries”), making it one of the first beach resorts. Robert Louis Stevenson stayed at the resort later that year; Later it became a popular tourist destination. The area at 21 ° 15′49 N 157 ° 49′17 W coordinates is still called “Sans Susie Beach”.

Waikiki has had erosion problems since the late 1800s because hotels and houses were built very close to the natural coast, while seaways and other structures prevented the flow of natural bitterness and sand along the coast. By the 1950s, more than 80 structures, including tigers, hips, ships, and storm drains, occupied Waikiki Beach.

In the spring of 2012 a partial restoration was completed. The project imported sand from nearby shoals and widened the 1,700-foot (520 m) long beach by about 37 feet (11 m) between the concrete hip of the Royal Hawaii Hotel and the Kohik Beach gorge. Wall. The project temporarily restored the beach to its 1985 shoreline.

In 2017, coastal erosion was exacerbated by high-energy King waves and high sea levels.

Beach problems

Waikiki encountered recurring problems with beach erosion, leading to hip and beach filling projects. The imported sand came from California and is a sandbar from the local beaches of Peboku Beach in Moloka and north of Oahu near Kahuku. Authorities are looking for ways to retain the existing sand by eliminating damage caused by wave flow.

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