UEFA Club Competitions Business Outlook 2023-24: In-Depth Examination of Sponsorships, Media Rights, and Club Partnerships

Dublin, Dec. 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Explore the “UEFA Club Competitions 2023-24 Business Overview – Property Profiling, Sponsorship, and Media Dynamics” report now available on ResearchAndMarkets.com. This comprehensive analysis delves into the current UEFA business landscape, spotlighting sponsors, media rights, and club sponsorship portfolios.

Notably, the Champions League boasts an unparalleled social media presence with 245.98 million followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In contrast, the Europa Conference League struggles, with Real Madrid leading social media following at 313.3 million.

Major broadcasting deals enhance the Champions League’s global reach, including a $514.18 million annual contract with TNT Sport in the UK. DAZN secures the German rights with a deal valued between $235.06 million and $258.57 million annually. The Champions League is set to generate $606.33 million this season, with Heineken holding the most lucrative sponsorship at $65 million annually.

Key Insights:

Champions League dominates social media with over 200 million more followers than the Europa League.
Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona lead global soccer clubs in social media following.
Liverpool reigns supreme among Europa League group stage teams with 111 million followers.
Fenerbahce tops the Europa Conference League with a 29 million social media following.
UEFA expands its sponsorship portfolio, welcoming Turkish Airlines and Oppo in 2022. Turkish Airlines secures a one-year, $60 million deal, while Oppo signs a two-year agreement valued at $24 million annually.

The report estimates Barcelona’s kit supplier deal as the largest among the 32 teams in the 2023-24 Champions League, with a staggering $169.32 million per season under the five-year renewal deal with Nike signed in 2016.

Report Scope:

Kit supplier and team deals analysis for UEFA competition teams.
UEFA’s media landscape overview, including social media metrics and continental comparisons.
In-depth analysis of clubs competing in UEFA competitions and their sponsorship outlook.
Detailed insights into UEFA’s sponsorship portfolio, revenue generation, and challenges in enhancing commercial profile.
Key Benefits:

In-depth analysis of UEFA’s current performance.
General metrics, including social media followings.
Insight into brands with sponsorship deals in place and key revenue generators in various sectors.

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