The Stunning underground Magic Bridge in the Netherlands

Velimir Aqueduct is a 25 meter long aquifer located above Velimir Lake in Harderwijk, Netherlands. It opened in 2002 and crosses the N302 road.An amazing work of architecture and engineering. The waterway is 25 meters long and 19 meters wide and is located in Harderwijk, eastern Netherlands.

Engineers chose to build a waterway on the N302 road, where 28,000 vehicles pass through every day.Unlike drawbridges or other roadway structures, this waterway-implemented water bridge design allows for constant traffic flow on and off the road.
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Velimir is a shallow 3 meter deep water bridge that allows small boats and other water vehicles to navigate easily. In addition to this easy ferry route, pedestrian walkways allow foot traffic on both sides.

While driving, the car goes under an orange bridge that looks like it is intended for cars or trains. But this is no ordinary bridge: instead of having sidewalks or railroad tracks, this track actually has a 10-foot-deep canal that allows boats to cross the highway.
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While people generally think of bridges as waterways, Aqueduct Veluwimer is the exact opposite – it is a waterway. The highway briefly allows small ships and boats to cross Lake Velavamir.

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