The Country where the Sun rises at Midnight

It is located in the western part of the Scandinavian Peninsula in Europe. It is officially known as the Kingdom of Norway. The country is bordered by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Norwegian Sea to the west, the North Sea to the south, and land borders with Sweden, Finland, and Russia. Norway is a country with a short elongated shape. Norway’s long coastline faces the North Atlantic Ocean and is home to some of the world’s most famous seas.

The island of Yan Mayen in the northwestern part of the country is considered part of the mainland of Norway and borders the Icelandic coast. Also, the Svalbard archipelago, like the Yan Mayan, is considered part of the Kingdom of Norway, but operates under the Norwegian monarchy within the borders of the Svalbard Treaty.

Bergen and western fjords

Bergen is the gateway to some of Norway’s most famous Fjords, including Norway’s longest and deepest Ford, in the north, and Hortenserford – the famous mountain plateau in the south.


Norway. It is part of the traditional district of Sunmar and is the center of the Elsund region. The city of Elsund is the administrative center of the Elsund Municipality and the main shipping town of the Sunmore District. The city is a seaport, famous for its Art Nouveau architecture. Although its old name, Alessund, is sometimes pronounced internationally, the spelling is obsolete in Norwegian. However, that spell, which was established before the official change of local football club Alessandro FK, still exists.


Stavanger is a city in southwestern Norway. In the center of the city, Stavanger Cathedral predates the 12th-century founding of the city. The Stavanger Museum describes the history of the city and shows the protected wildlife. The Norwegian Petroleum Museum illuminates the oil industry with submersibles, a large drill and an escape slope. Shopping Street Øvre Holmegate is known for its colorful homes.


Trondheim is a city in Trondheim fjord in central Norway. The 11th century Gothic Nitros Cathedral has a decorated rose window and an elaborate western faade. Nearby, the Archbishop’s Palace Museum houses archeological finds and sculptures removed from the cathedral. The Ringway Museum is a former manor house and a music museum in the barn.

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