The 5 Most Amazing Airports in the World

Airport where planes land or take off. Most airports in the world have only the longest floor level known as a runway. Most international airports have shops and restaurants for passengers to use. The airport used by the military is called the Air Force base.
Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Changi Airport It is a major civilian airport serving Singapore and is one of the largest transport hubs in Asia. One of the busiest airports in the world for international passenger and cargo traffic, it is currently rated the best airport in the world by Skytrax, the first airport in the world for eight consecutive years. It is rated as one of the cleanest airports in the world.
The natural themed entertainment and retail complex within Singapore’s Changi Airport is connected to its three passenger terminals. At its center is the Rain Vortex, the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, surrounded by a one-story forest system.
Tokyo Haneda Airport
Tokyo Haneda Airport
Tokyo International Airport is commonly known as Haneda Airport. Tokyo Haneda Airport and Haneda International Airport are one of the two major airports serving the Greater Tokyo area, and are the primary base of Japan Airlines, one of Japan’s major domestic airlines. And all Nippon Airways, as well as Air Doo, Skymark Airlines, Solicit Air and Starflyer. It is located 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) south of Tokyo Station. As of 2020, Haneda was rated by Skytrax as the 2nd best airport in Singapore after Changi Airport, the cleanest and best domestic airport in the world.
Doha Hamad Airport
Doha Hamad Airport Hamad International Airport is the international airport for Doha, the capital of Qatar. The airport has some of the largest architecture in the world and is more grandiose and luxurious than any other. Recognized by all as the best airport in the Middle East by 2020. Best Airport: Has 30-40 million passengers and has the best airport staff in the Middle East.
Seoul Incheon Airport
Seoul Incheon Airport The Orchest Airport in South Korea is the main airport serving the Seoul capital area and is one of the largest and busiest airports in the region. As of 2020, it is rated as one of the fourth best and cleanest airports in the world. The airport opened on March 29, 2001 to replace the old Kimbo International Airport, which now serves mostly domestic and space flights to several East Asian cities, including Beijing, Hong Kong, Osaka, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei and Tokyo.
Incheon International Airport is located west of Incheon’s city center, on artificially created land between Yeongjong and Yongyu Islands. The two islands were originally separated by a shallow sea. That area between the two islands was reclaimed for construction, which at one time effectively annexed the separate Yongjong and Yongyu Islands.
Munich Airport
Munich Airport Munich Airport is the international airport of Munich, the capital of Bavaria. It is the second busiest airport in Germany after Frankfurt Airport and the ninth busiest airport in Europe, handling 47.9 million passengers in 2019. Munich Airport is the second busiest airport in Germany and the second hub of Lufthansa German Airlines. With more than 150 retail stores and 50 places where you can eat and drink, it is like a city center, offering plenty to see and do for travelers and visitors. Munich has been selected as the best airport in Europe and the best airport in Central Europe: 40-50 million passengers by 2020.

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