Manya Singh to come to light with Wallace Femina Miss India

Born in Mumbai and raised in Hatta, a small town in Uttar Pradesh, Manya was crowned the VLCC Femina Miss India 2020 runner-up at a ceremony last week.

The 19-year-old’s perseverance and single-mindedness in dealing with difficulties has aroused an interest in people.

His story goes viral on social media and adds pride to everyone. Manya is the daughter of an autorickshaw driver, and following the success, her struggles and inspiring story received praise across the country.

Manya’s Journey

At the age of 14, he boarded a train from his village and left for Mumbai to pursue his dreams. The post said, “She had no idea where this was going to lead her, but she was convinced within herself that she wanted to achieve great things.”

“When she left the station, the first place she saw was Pizza Hut. Somehow she got a part-time job there and a temporary shelter. Two days later, when he called his dad, he started crying. But if she swears to him ‘I am here’, both her parents came to Mumbai the next day. ”

“We will support you,” said his father.

“She drove an auto to make a living. However, they sent her to a good school. In addition, she worked part-time – earning Rs 15,000 a month.”

“She was 15 years old when I first saw the Miss India pageant. That day she said, ‘I’m going to win that crown one day and make my dad proud. Karke b shadi hi karni patti hai ‘.

“But when she said to her dad,‘ I want to take part in a beauty contest ’,‘ Keep working, you’ll be there! ’”

According to Manya, her parents have always supported her dreams of becoming a beauty queen. During his graduation days, he auditioned for more than a dozen tournaments, but they would say “shakal achi nahi hai” (you’re not pretty) or “you don’t even know English”.

“Things are not easy at home either. Dad mortgaged our jewelry to pay my bills. So, if I needed money to buy clothes, she would have wiped the floor instead of pizza. There, he observed how people carried themselves, and in college, he observed how his friends spoke English. ”

“So last December, I tried again because of an infection. She gave me all of her interviews online from her 10 * 10 slum. Once, when I spoke to her father about an auto driver, people said, ‘You’re trying to get attention’, but she Two months later, she hugged me and said, ‘Manya Omprakash Singh has created this!’ It’s been a week, I still can’t believe it! ”

“Now, I finally have the opportunity to give everything to my parents; I’m going to start by buying them a house. They have supported me relentlessly. Dad hoped the trivial dream of a 14-year-old child would grow bigger in the city.

Manya’s Hope and Dream

Miss India 2020 runner-up Manya Singh from Uttar Pradesh hopes to never give up hope. She fled from her village to Mumbai with dreams in her eyes. His inspiring story has already won the hearts of many.

His father, auto driver Manya Singh, said, “My journey started in a very normal way. He learned from his family to always be grounded.

He had to work a lot harder to reach where he is today. Whenever he loses faith, he can say to himself, Doh Kadam Aur Manya, Do Kadam Aur (two more steps Manya two more steps). Life was hard for him, but she was hard in his life. ”

One step at a time, she overcame every obstacle and reached her destination without fear. There is absolutely no way to look back at her.

“When the Almighty saw her hard work and enthusiasm, she sent her angels into my life and she helped me reach where I am today. You can go anywhere if you are interested,” says Manya.

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