Maldives | Best Place for your Honeymoon Holiday

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The Maldives is called a “tropical paradise” for reasons such as its beauty. This tropical country is divided into islands and islands surrounded by its own lake. Each island has pure white sand beaches. A holiday in the Maldives is surrounded by white sand beaches and coconut palms.

The Maldives has some of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world. Tourism as a profession came to the Maldives only in 1972 and is growing rapidly. It is controlled by the government for a good reason. Once people discovered this wonderful paradise, it became a very famous place.

Need some travel inspiration? Here are travel experiences and real traveller stories from across Maldives. This is a curated set of trip stories from families, solo travellers and those who chose to discover destinations at their own pace. Plan your holidays in Maldives with our smart travel hacks, get ideas on how to vacation with your family and kids. All this and more in our stories. Go ahead, grab a chair and find out how you can stop touring and start travelling. Maldives awaits!

Maldives Holidays! Part of paradise on earth is the best way to describe the Maldives. Located on the way to the equator, the Maldives is located in the center of the Indian Ocean and has blue skies and magnificent turquoise beaches. The beauty of the Maldives is truly spectacular and I have no adjectives to describe it.

Marriage in the Maldives Hobbies and attractions

Maldives | Best Place for your Honeymoon Holiday

All the major beauties of the Maldives are located below sea level and there are no special places on the land. There is a notable capital male ($ 40 for a cruise), similar to many uninhabited islands, where they like to have a picnic (from $ 35), as well as a kind of “activity” – fishing trip. Photo-flight, the only significant surface voyage of a seaplane above the islands. It costs a lot: you pay $ 150-250 in the air in 15-20 minutes. Other popular excursions include a boat trip (US $ 80-90) or a submarine dive (from US $ 45-50).

Do you know how Atal differs from “an island”? We give a hint: Etel is a coral island in the form of a continuous or intermittent ring around the lake. If you look from under the water, the atom becomes a long-lasting volcano, and on its slopes a coral began to grow – so as it grew it gradually appeared on the surface. But the top of the volcano, by contrast, collapsed and sank under the water for centuries. You know the rest: people went to the ring from somewhere, built hotels with restaurants and spas, and opened diving centers.

If the soul needs one more cultural event, we recommend visiting the National Museum in the beautiful Sultan Park, the Islamic Center under the Golden Dome and the Male Presidential Palace. The oldest mosque in the country, the Old Friday Mosque, has a unique minaret (1656) and the tomb of Mohammed Tagore – a legend of national opposition. There are ruins of a Buddhist temple in Ari Atoll 90 BC. e., on the island of Madras (Ha Alif Atoll) – a tomb with a sacred tomb, a place of pilgrimage for Muslims

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