Gujarat Morbi bridge horror accident – footage of the moments

#Morbi bridge horror accident

Death toll rises to 141 after river bridge collapses in Gujarat’s Morbi In this case, the CCTV footage of the moment of the accident has been released and is going viral on social media. While people were standing on the bridge holding the ropes, suddenly the ropes were cut and the bridge fell. The people standing on the bridge fell into the river and drowned.

Built during the British rule, this cable bridge is still used by thousands of people every day. The Gujarat government is engaged in the work of rehabilitating the bridge and reopened it for use only 5 days ago.

In this situation, yesterday was a weekend holiday, so more people than usual came to travel on this bridge. Yesterday evening, when hundreds of people were walking on the bridge, the cable of the bridge was cut unexpectedly and fell into the river. The investigation revealed that there were 500 people on this bridge, which could only support about 100 people.

While the rescue operations are said to be almost complete, the search for two to three people is still on, the disaster rescue team said. 12 relatives of Gujarat state BJP MP Mohan Gundari died in this bridge accident.

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