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Defendant’s attack on Nevada judge during sentencing sparks chaos in a Vegas courtroom scene. Court officials and attorneys engage in a bloody brawl.

Defendant's attack on Nevada judge during sentencing sparks chaos in a Vegas courtroom scene. Court officials and attorneys engage in a bloody brawl.

**Chaos Unfolds in Vegas Courtroom as Defendant Attacks Judge During Sentencing**

In a shocking turn of events at a Las Vegas courthouse, a routine sentencing took a violent and chaotic twist. The defendant, Deobra Delone Redden, facing charges of felony battery, attempted to convey his reformed nature to Judge Mary Kay Holthus. However, the situation spiraled out of control as Redden leaped over the defense table and the judge’s bench, initiating a bloody brawl with court officials and attorneys.

The intense scene, captured by courtroom video, revealed the suddenness of the attack. Judge Holthus found herself against a wall after Redden flung himself over the bench, grabbing her hair and causing the American flag to topple over them. Though the judge sustained injuries, she did not require hospitalization.

Redden, now facing additional charges, was held on $54,000 bail but refused to appear in court on the following day. Consequently, his next hearing was rescheduled for Jan. 9. The new charges include 13 counts, such as extortion and coercion with force, with seven counts specifying battery on a protected person, referring to the judge and assisting officers.

During the attack, multiple court and jail officers, along with courtroom staff, had to physically intervene to subdue Redden. The altercation even escalated to the point where punches were thrown. A courtroom marshal suffered injuries, including a bleeding forehead gash and a dislocated shoulder, requiring hospitalization.

Richard Scow, the chief county district attorney prosecuting Redden for a prior assault with a baseball bat, expressed the rapidity of the incident, making it challenging to respond effectively. Redden’s sentencing, initially scheduled for that day, remains unresolved.

District Attorney Steve Wolfson emphasized Redden’s violent criminal history, comprising three felonies and nine misdemeanors, advocating for his detention without bail due to being a severe threat to the community. Redden, despite having pleaded guilty to a reduced charge in November, was not restrained during the hearing.

Wearing civilian attire, Redden sought leniency from the judge, portraying himself as someone continuously striving to do the right thing. However, as the judge indicated her intention to incarcerate him, Redden vehemently protested, charging forward and causing distress among the courtroom audience.

Redden, residing in Las Vegas, had been previously incarcerated in Nevada for domestic battery. Despite being evaluated and deemed competent to stand trial, his recent actions have raised concerns about his volatile behavior. Judge Holthus, elected to the state court bench in 2018 after a lengthy career as a prosecutor, now faces the aftermath of this shocking courtroom episode.

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