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8 Facebook Text Delight words or 8 Facebook Comment Text Effects

8 Facebook Text Delight words: Here we are going to talk about Facebook Text Delight Animation List. Often when you comment on a post on Facebook you can suddenly see those characters change color.

Facebook Text Delights is a collection of special words and phrases. So, when a Facebook user types one of those special words/phrase in their updates/comments, the text color changes. When a recipient clicks on this colorized word, animations trigger on screen. Balloons, hearts, stars, claps, emojis, etc

When you click on it you will also see an animation happening in that post.

That’s the name of the Facebook Delight animation.

Only certain words in it are suitable for this animation. Let’s see what kind of words it is.

Facebook Text Delight words are
Facebook Text Delight words

Talking about the Animations they looks sometime like which I have shown you in this post’s featured image (present above).

So, the texts that are responsible for provoking these animations to appear on Facebook are called Facebook Text Delights.

Now, what are all the positions where we can provoke text delights on Facebook.

Well, the most common positions where you can write text delights to provoke the animations is in the Facebook Comments and Create Posts section where you write something on your’s or your friend’s Facebook Timeline.

Text Delight is one of the coolest feature I personally thought the Facebook have.

Facebook Text Delight Color Now, one thing I forget to tell you is, as soon as you type a Facebook Text Delight either in the comment or on your friend’s wall (to wish him/her birthday, anything), the color of the text changes. You can see the same in the photo below.

You can see that I have pasted 8 text delights.

Both these text delights are of different color, one is orange and the other one is blue.

So, here you can conclude, all Facebook Text Delights are of different colors.

Now, coming to the animation, as soon as you type these text delight at it’s desired place (like in the comments and wall) or tap on it, the animations bumps up from the bottom of the page screen.

Now, last but not the least, below I have listed out some of the text delights that are working fine in the year 2021.

Facebook currently have a ton of text delights, but the hard thing is you won’t find a list of all of them at a single Place.

But don’t worry, Here in this article I have listed out all the Facebook Text Delights working.

Well these are all the working English text delights animations on the Facebook right now. Also many other languages also have these animation effects.

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