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5 lakh followers Reshmi Nair Magic Wave on Instagram

Reshmi Nair: Reshmi R Nair is a model who has gone through a lot of controversy at one time. Reshmi made her debut as an activist and heroine in the kiss fight.

Later became active in modeling. Today, Reshmi is all set to become the richest model in Kerala. Reshmi R Nair is one of the most expensive car brands in the Indian car market.

He also sells various of his paintings online. Reshmi R Nair was the first heroine to act as a heroine.

Although there are a lot of people who see Reshmi Nair’s photos, the actress has critics and opponents. Reshmi is also a shining star on many social media platforms.

Reshmi has a verified account on Facebook and is also active on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Telegram.

The star’s account has been reported several times in the Telegram. Similarly, an account with five lakh fans on Instagram was reported three months ago.

But in just 90 days, the actress gained 1.5 lakh followers with her new Instagram ID.

Reshmi proves once again that she has a huge fan base even when she has rivals and critics. Reshmi is confident of having five lakh followers.


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